Wednesday colloquia

The API colloquia are weekly meetings where people give a 45 minute overview of their work. Afterwards there is time for discussion. At the end of each month the colloquia are jointly held with GRAPPA.

The contact person for the regular API colloquia is Selma de Mink.
The contact person for the joint GRAPPA/API colloquia is Jacco Vink.

Upcoming colloquia

Problem of progenitors of type Ia supernovae

Marat Gilfanov — API -- MPA Garching

Despite the great importance of type Ia supernovae for measuring cosmic distances, there is yet no definitive model for their origin. The key element of the single degenerate scenario - an accreting nuclear burning white dwarf, becomes a powerful source of soft X-ray and UV radiation prior to the supernova explosion.

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Wednesday 1 March 2017, 11:00. Location: C4.174


Marijke Haverkorn — Nijmegen

Wednesday 8 March 2017, 11:00. Location: C4.174


Stephen Pompea — NOAO

Wednesday 15 March 2017, 11:00. Location: C4.174

Looking for giant rings around a directly imaged exoplanet in 2017 - the bRing Project

Matthew Kenworthy — Leiden University

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Wednesday 22 March 2017, 11:00. Location: C4.174

The physics of Pulsar Wind Nebulae in the light of 3D MHD simulations

Elena Amato — Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, Italy

Wednesday 29 March 2017, 11:00. Location: C4.174

Title not yet known

Damiano Caprioli

Wednesday 5 April 2017, 11:00

Forming planetesimals and planets in protoplanetary discs

Anders Johansen — Lund Observatory, Sweden

Host: Chris Ormel

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Wednesday 12 April 2017, 11:00. Location: C4.174

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=== Available ===

Wednesday 19 April 2017, 11:00

No Colloquium (Holiday)

No Colloquium (Holiday)

Wednesday 26 April 2017, 11:00


Lia Corrales

Host: Sera Markoff

Wednesday 3 May 2017, 11:00